Levels.FYI Should Be More Clear With Currencies

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Levels.FYI Should Be More Clear With Currencies

Post by SoftDev »

As a university student in CS/SENG I appreciate tools like Levels.FYI. It shows job applications and salaries, and if you don't know what it is, here is their internship list: https://www.levels.fyi/internships/

However, like many of these websites it is very USA centered. Salaries are always posted in USD even if they are located in Canada and since it's crowdsourced information it is not clear if the person cared enough to convert the salary from CAD or if they just entered it without thinking. For co-founders who worked as developers at companies like Amazon and Twitter you'd think they could easily add a dropdown + display.

Similarly it's missing a lot of features that would be nice, such as filter by whether they sponsor non-Americans. Clearly they are catering to a certain type of audience when their only location filters are "Bay Area, NYC, Seattle, Chicago, and Remote" making it difficult for anyone who is not part of that type of circle.