Things we should do to try to stop/reverse Periodontal Disease

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Things we should do to try to stop/reverse Periodontal Disease

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This is just the first of a few posts I'll write about Periodontal Disease (hence PeD) because I just found out how important it is and there are a lot of things to write.
First of all I have to say that until recently I didn't believe the little flyers/brochures/pamphlets the periodontal clinics "peddled" because they seemed too self-serving.
However, I have been looking into the importance of good bacteria in our guts and found that it is important in many ways (we might have another topic for that). At the same time I've been looking into ways to reduce my risk of Alzheimer's because my mother recently died of/with it.
And then my brother pointed me to information that connected the bad bacteria "Porphyromonas gingivalis" hence P. gingivalis) mostly guilty for PeD to Alzheimer's in a way that made sense.
I now have strong reasons to believe they are mostly right (I only say "mostly" because I don't know all they say) and I believe even more of our health depends on Periodontal-Health (hence PeH, not to use PH that's "taken" already).

I think that P. gingivalis may be responsible (not necessarily by itself) for many BIG problems like cardio-disease, inflammation causing pain and further diseases, and even Alzheimer's.

One thing that makes me MORE of a believer is that some chronic shoulder pain I've had for a long time got much better after my second periodontal treatment. I know it may be a coincidence and indeed other things that I've been doing (fermented foods for healthy gut biome, etc.) may be equally responsible but I tried to go through all the changes I made and this seems most likely.
I know am not "cured yet" and it will be hard to get rid of that bad bacteria; including long periodontal treatments but I am trying to make a difference in other ways and this is what this post (and subsequent ones) is about.

I will look into any and all ways to kill this blasted P. gingivalis and I'm looking forward to hear about your experiences.
Here are a few things I'll try:
- Blue Light ( ... .tb00106.x)
- L. reuteri, a good bacteria ( ... /jre.12704)
- Erythritol, a low/zero calories sugar that is somewhat similar to Xylitol but... better?
- Others

Important: I am an engineer not a doctor so nothing I say should be taken as medical advice and anything you may try based on what I write is your own responsibility.